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November 30, 2013 Brockton 27th Annual Parade

Brockton 25th Annual Holiday Parade-11/30/2011

More Holiday Parade 2011 Photos - 11/28/2011

25th Annual Brockton Parade Impresses Newbies - 11/28/2011

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas - 11/27/2011

Big turnout for Brockton holiday parade

Brockton Parade Map - 11/26/2011

Brockton's holiday parade set -11/25/2011

Brockton Kids Make Ornaments-11/25/2011

From America with love...-11/24/2011

Interview on WXBR 1460 - 11/22/2011

Interview on WXBR 1460 - part 2 11/22/2011

BB Russell School Student Wins Holiday Parade Art Contest - 11/21/2011

Santa Hat Wearers Shatter Record -11/21/2011

Christmas Spirit Fills Brockton's Downtown -11/21/2011

Brockton Breaks Record for most Santa Hats-11/20/2011

Brockton Doubles Santa Hat Record - 11/20/2011

Santa Hat Challenge - 11/20/2011

More Than 2,500 BHS Students Wear Santa Hats - 11/18/2011

BHS Santa Hat Day - 11/18/2011

Brockton Christmas Town -11/18/2011 Globe

Nominations for Brockton’s Edgar Award due by Friday - 11/3/2011

Brockton Santa Hat Challenge12/9/2010

Race enthusiast Dave Gorman to be honored at today’s Brockton holiday parade - 11/27/2010

 Brockton goes for Guinness Book record for Santa hats on Sunday Nov. 21, 2010

Brockton hopes to set new Santa Hat record on Sunday Nov. 21st, 2010

Penn's Peak Radio -mp3 file

Army of Volunteers -The Enterprise

Santa hats record sought in Brockton -11/30/2009-The Enterprise

Hundreds Turn Out for Brockton's Annual Holiday Parade -11/28/2009-The Enterprise

Hundreds Turn Out for Brockton's Annual Holiday Parade photos -The Enterprise

Brockton Looks to Parade for Positive Energy

They’re hoping for a miracle on Main Street - The Boston Globe

Parade Brings Holiday Cheer, Shoppers Downtown -

Brockton, Massachusetts Historical Firsts - Wikipedia Claus - Wikipedia

12 Things Not To Miss on Parade Day in Brockton on Nov. 28th -The Enterprise

Making spirits rise -The Enterprise

Brockton High students don Santa hats to kick off holiday parade - The Enterprise

"Turn Brockton into Christmas Town USA"


"Christmas Town"

The Most People in Santa Hats - WBZ TV NEWS VIDEO 

Creating Christmas town in downtown Brockton

105.7 WROR
Start Player @ 0:18:06

Wear Your Santa Hat

Department store Santas owe paychecks to Col. Jim Edgar

Edward Pearson

James Edgar

The Spirit of Christmas

James Edgar's Santa Claus

No Doubt, City Believes in Santa

James Edgar Remembered as the Christmas "Miracle"

Reviving City's Santa Roots

Original department store Santa

Who was really the first department store santa?

The First Santa

Sea of Red

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