“You can’t imagine what it was like” said Edmond Pearson at age 90  “I remember walking down an isle and all of a sudden
right in front of me, I saw Santa Clause.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  And then Santa came up and talked to me.  It was a
dream come true.  I can still remember seeing Santa for the first time ‘ continued Mr. Pearson his eyes sparkling “I have
never forgotten that experience, and I was only 5 or 6 at the time”.  Santa Clause is everywhere now.  Street corners, TV’s,
in schools and stores. “It was different back in 1890, we saw drawings of him in the newspaper and magazines and that was it. 
We never thought we’d ever have the chance to see him in person, unless we sat up all night on Christmas Eve before the fireplace

at home”.  “Then one day----In 1890-it was I remember that-my parents took me over to The Boston Store in Brockton, Massachusetts
and there he was Santa in person-Red Costume, Snowy White Beard and All”.  “Later on I learned that was the first time Santa had
ever appeared in a store that way.  I was there on the very first day.  Later on I learned the name of the man who wore The Santa Clause outfit”. 
“ It was James Edgar, of course.  He was such a kind, good man.  He loved children.  He loved them with all his heart.  He didn’t put that
costume on to attract people to his store.  He wore that outfit because he wanted to delight children who dropped by with their parents” 

Edward Pearson

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